Shi-Heun History

Shi-Heun History

Shi-Heun History

Shi-Heun Krav Maga Australia

Shi-Heun was developed by Grand Master Sydney (Shlomo) Faiga (1932-2007) and is considered by many professionals to be the most effective and realistic martial arts in the world.This unique style was taught by Sydney himself, to elite IDF (Israel Defense Force) units, Special Forces, and selected police officers since the 60’s..Sydney believed that his style must be ever-evolving to meet the specific needs in a world of ever-changing threats.

Today Sydney’s eldest son, Roy, has taken the place of his father as head of Shi-Heun, and together with Shi-Heun’s instructor team, has started to spread Shi-Heun around the globe.

Due to the unique origins and approach of Shi-Heun, and the vast practical experience gather with the style experts, there is an increased demand for various courses and professional work of the leading team.

Starting from basic self-defense qualifications, through intermediate and advanced Shi-Heun Krav Maga, and up to full scale security consultation and qualifications, Shi-Heun is in cooperation with Wingate Institute – Israel’s national sporting institution.



About the founder Shlmomo Faiga

Shi Heun was established by its founder Shlomo Sydney Faiga. Shlomo was born to parents Lili and David Faiga in Johannesburg in South Africa.
In South Africa he joined the army and suffered humiliation and disrespect from his peers owing to the fact that he was the only jewish man in his unit. Very often, he needed to protect himself and his honour by fighting. After having finished the army, he went back to Johannesburg and started learning different martial arts and reached the level of Dan 6.Shlomo died on December 13, 2008 and today his son, Roy Faiga continues him as the head of Shi Heun. Roy has taken over his father’s martial art and is recognised as the head of this discipline in Israel.In 1960, he immigrated to Israel and was living in a farm called Moledet in the north of Israel. He created his own martial art called Shi Heun, which reflected his way of life. Shlomo was one of the first people to establish a martial art in Israel. He also became a member of the hall of fame of South Africa in the most higher level of founder and head of a club in the world.

My Story

I was born in Johannesburg, 9/12/32.

I Immigrated to Israel in October 1960 and went onto a farm called Moledet in the Gilboa area. I trained Special Forces of the Border Police and Army Special Forces.

Shi-Heun is recognised by the Education Dept. of Israel as a recognised style. Also recognised by: Israel Sport Federation and Wingate Institute of Instructors.

My son Roy Faiga was born in South Africa and is a 7th Dan. He is Shi-Heun chief Instructor.Roy was the Israel National Champion. He was the trainer of the Israeli National Team for 12 years. During that time he took teams all around the world. One of the competitions was at Sun City, South Africa.

The first Martial Arts School in Israel was on Moledet, until then there was only Judo in Israel. I feel privileged to have been one of the forefathers in bringing this wonderful art to Israel.

Shi-Heun is a system that incorporates unique self defence Judo and Boxing. We specialised in Self Defence against all attacks: knives, guns and sticks. We also reach combat shooting with hand guns as my son is a recognised instructor of combat shooting. I hav been involved in the Martial Arts for 53 years and still instructing.

Written by Sydney Faiga, Shi-Heun founder, 10th Dan.



Shi-Heun Krav Maga Israel

Today in Israel, there are 8 different clubs of the MMA club Shi Heun. In the north of Israel there are over 1000 students. Kids start to train from the age of 5 years old, and usually reach black belt at the age of 18.

Every year there is a big competition between all the students in their respective clubs. There are two kinds of competitions. For kids ages 5-12, they compete on the mats by using BJJ techniques and wrestling. Students from the age of 12 and up have full contact competition (MMA style).

Every couple of months the head of Shi Heun takes all the adult trainers for a military boot camp in a different place in Israel.

This traditional boot camp runs in the desert or the sea or even in a banana tree forest. This tradition was started by Shlmo when he wanted to make his body stronger. He said after breaking a banana trees just by punching it, he was not afraid to hit anything.

The Head of Shi-Heun today is Roy Faiga, the oldest son of Shlomo Faiga, the original founder of Shi-Heun and one of the first Krav Maga trainers in the Israeli Army



Roy Faiga

IMG_5578Grand Master Roy Faiga

Head of Shi-Heun organization and Chief Instructor.

  • Self-Defense, Krav-Maga and Martial Arts Expert (10th degree red belt)
  • Qualified shooting instructor
  • 10 years Israel National team coach
  • Ex-special forces fighter and commander
  • Planning tactical drills for special forces.