Krav Maga Boot Camp


Tamir Carmi is coming out from Israel to run a 3-day Krav Maga boot camp.

Tamir started training Krav Maga in Israel from the age of 6 under Grand Master Roy Faiga and
went on to teach Krav Maga in the Israeli army as well as for the International Security and Anti-
Terror Institute (ASATI). Tamir then became a Senior Krav Maga Instructor for the Wingate
Institute (the official home of Krav Maga in Israel) before moving to Melbourne where he
founded Krav Maga Australia and became the official Wingate Representative in Australia
whilst also becoming an MMA competitor in Melbourne.

Tamir has moved back to Israel and will be returning to Melbourne and to Krav Maga Australia to
run this Krav Maga boot camp.

The boot will teach Krav Maga techniques including striking, releases from various chokes, holds
and restraint and weapon defences.

The boot camp will challenge participants on both a physical and psychological level to best position you to be able to react instinctively when attacked and under fatigue and psychological stress.


Boot Camp Details

Dates: Fri 04 – Sun 06 Oct

Times: 10am – 3:30pm each day

Cost: $800 (Early bird special $700 before 25 31 August 2019)

Deposit of $100 to book your spot

Location: Krav Maga Australia Gym
610 South Road, Moorabbin 3189

For further information, registration and payment information, call Dave on 0451 100 339
or send an email to

Limited spots available.

You can reserve a spot now by registering and paying $100 registration fee online.

Tamir Carmi