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Give your child a safe start with our Krav Maga classes for kids in Melbourne

With the growing violence on children, child abuse and school bullying, it is always a good idea to equip your kids with useful & practical self-defense skills and enroll your child in a practical martial art for kids. Your children can learn useful and practical self-defense techniques and have the tools to overcome sudden attacks or to handle a potential bullying in school.

At our school, we can help your child in achieving this, with our special Krav Maga classes for Kids in Melbourne. These classes are aimed at teaching useful techniques along with building confidence and self-esteem into your kids. Our Krav Maga classes are suitable for every age group and fitness level.

In Israel, kids are trained in Krav Maga from the tender age of 4. It is considered very important for the kids’ development and well-being. This is why we have introduced our special program for Kids Krav Maga in Melbourne .

Some of the major benefits of getting your child trained from a very early age are that they will learn useful techniques and skills as well as improve their co-ordination and agility skills, which will help them to develop into a healthier and stronger adult. Training from an early age also helps in improving flexibility, eye hand co-ordination, sharper reflexes, bone mass and density. It also helps kids to develop their mind and body, build self-discipline and personality and also increases self-esteem and confidence in themselves and in their abilities. It is important to give your children the confidence they require to handle any problem that can occur in life.


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Kids Class Uniforms


Please see the Timetable page for current kids class times.

Class Uniform: Members have the option of purchasing a uniform for training, this is recommended but not compulsory. Costs are $25 for pants and $25 for T-Shirt.


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