Combative Kickboxing – Combative Concepts (Sparring Development)

Krav Maga Australia are hosting a 3-hour seminar with BEN “The Blaster” HAMILTON from BLASTER KICKBOXING COMBATIVES.

This seminar will focus on Combative Concepts (Sparring Development).

Ben is a highly experienced Martial Artist. An 8th degree Zen Do Kai black belt, Ben is also an accomplished Muay Thai trainer, and has a long and distinguished fight record. He was also a Victoria Police Defensive Tactics Instructor, and has extensive experience in the Security Industry. And he’s a really nice bloke!

The 3 hour workshop will encompass the first of 3 Modules in Ben’s Combative Kickboxing Program. This syllabus has been used to train top class fighters in both the boxing and kickboxing arenas and is structured using techniques only the professionals know.

The 3rd hour will focus on some stand up grappling techniques relevant for anyone working in the  security/law enforcement industry as well as civilians who may find themselves in a confined space with an aggressive/threatening person.

The Kickboxing Combatives also highlights the necessary elements and mindset to effectively apply skills to real self defense situations.

Who can come? Teen & adult students. The training is suitable for all ranks, and all clubs are welcome.

What to bring? Boxing gloves & shin guards. Mouth guards & cups also recommended. There will be no hard sparring, but we’ll be playing around with drills and padwork, so better to be safe.

Event Details:

Date: Saturday 09 November 2019

Time: 10am – 1pm

Cost: $95

To Bring: Boxing Gloves, Shin Pads. Mouth Guards and cups are also recommended