Women's Self Defense

Women’s self defense

Be a Strong Opponent and Not a Feeble Victim

It is a sad fact that women feel far less safe walking down the streets of a rather safe city like Melbourne. Many women are now sharing the same feeling of fear and lack of security, in their home, at work or for that matter even while they are out on the streets during the off-peak hours. In addition, every year the number of abductions, rapes and assaults is getting higher and higher. Still, unfortunately, women are the main target of such sudden uncalled attacks. We conduct specially designed Krav Maga classes in Melbourne for women. Our women’s self-defense course can give you the tools you need to protect yourself and the ones you love and could even save your life if such a scenario is to ever occur.

Well, ladies, it is time to face it and stand up for yourselves. At our self-defense classes for women, we understand that as woman, a number of questions would have crossed your mind several times. Some of the most common concerns or limitations that restrain women from taking an anticipatory measure are:

  • What would I do if this was to happen to me?
  • How should I react?
  • Will anyone ever help me?
  • Will I freeze?
  • Will I even be able to fight?
  • Will I survive?

At Krav Maga Australia, we promise that those questions won’t be left unanswered as we believe that you should have the tools and abilities to deal with any violent or aggressive situation and be able to count only on yourself to take control and to survive regardless how many attackers or how strong they are, we promise to give you the tools to FIGHT BACK!!!

Bookings now open for our next course starting on Thursday the 19/03/20

The next Women’s self defense course will be held on Thursday the 19/03/20 for 4 consecutive weeks every Thursday at 7.45 P.M

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