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Discover how Krav Maga sharpens your senses and facilitates safer living

Although starting learning Krav Maga might seem too difficult if you have never done any martial arts before or if you don’t see yourself as a professional fighter, after giving it a chance you will see that it is one of the greatest workout sessions in existence. The best part is, apart from preparing you to safeguard your life, it also helps you to stay in shape for a better lifestyle. This exciting form of self-defense is certainly a healthy obsession that is worth developing. Apart from helping you to develop a strong and healthy physique, it also helps you to sharpen your senses and be aware of your surroundings for successfully reducing any type of risks in life. This is what makes Krav Maga stand apart from the rest of the self-defense mechanisms and techniques taught elsewhere.Strong and quick reflexes together with awareness are the biggest weapons anyone can acquire. Besides making you physically and mentally prepared for difficult situations, sharp senses will help you to become a more confident individual. This inner confidence which gets developed during the course of training will help you in adding value to your life.


The techniques used in Krav Maga prepare students to better handle violent threatening situations. Krav Maga is based on natural and simple movements which gives anyone no matter how uncoordinated they are the ability to defend themselves in complex and dangerous scenarios. One of the main targets in the class is to teach students awareness of their surroundings which makes them to be more alert when needed and understand when they might be in a risky or dangerous situation. All these factors work together in enhancing your overall personality. Soon you will begin to notice the benefits, which extend far beyond the class.


As Krav Maga prepares you to give attention to the surroundings you are in, you will be able to analyse the environment you are in and act accordingly. Sometimes, you can find yourself in a violent scenario while just a minute ago all seemed quiet. In the street violence can escalate in a second without us even understanding why. However, Krav Maga techniques will help you to reduce the risks by helping you to be aware of it and act. For example staying stuck to your smart phone while you out in the street can be very dangerous as its taking all your attention and reducing your awareness of the environment you are in. Sadly, studies show that people are usually robed or attacked while they are distracted and not paying attention to what is happening around them and therefore becoming an easy target. That’s why we teach our Krav Maga students to unplug a bit from these gadgets when they are out and on their own so they can be aware and alert of what is happening around and by, that reducing the chance of a surprise attack to occur. These are not only safeguards you from your enemies, but also keep you vigilant about accidents. Another example can be the escalation of a normal conversation into an aggressive argument. In this case take a step back and maintain distance from the person to reduce the chance of him attacking by surprise. The distance can even be just a small step that they might not realise but for you it’s enough to keep safe and be ready to defend yourself if needed. This will ultimately help you in recognising what a risky situation is and what a normal and safe situation is also.


This Israeli self-defense technique involves positive visualisation practice along with regular training. This reduces anxiety and improves your performance. This is because visualisation is an important tactic. Before you get into the scenario, you can be relaxed as you have gone through the complete situation at the training a million times. Better visualisation makes a person calm and confident, as you know exactly what to do in this scenario as you have practiced it in class.


Apart from training you to be highly aware of your surroundings, this technique also helps the participants to handle their fear for the unknown. This is achieved through constant scenario-training sessions, which focus on making the participants believe in their abilities to conquer threatening situations. Besides, as the training techniques used are highly practical, they tune and refine the senses, thereby improving your overall reflexes. Human brain responds in fear to a surprise or to a sudden situation. Regular training of dealing with unknown scenarios and practicing a hundred different options of violent scenarios make the student used to those sudden attacks and therefore becomes much less fearful. The mind and senses will equip a person to perform to his/her maximum level and no longer freeze if a sudden or scary situation is to occur. Krav Maga slowly trains the participant to rise from a compromising position and to be in the position of dominance within a short period of time. This makes Krav Maga an exercise that literally changes your life

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