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Krav Maga is a powerful, practical and effective martial art for real-life situations. Incorporating Karate, Judo, Boxing and unique self-defence techniques, Krav Maga uses continuous explosive techniques to take control of any threatening situations.
Krav Maga means literally ‘contact combat’ and is the official self-defence system of the Israeli army, police and security forces. Being the official martial art of the Israel Defence Forces, Krav Maga entails defence moves that are aimed at threat neutralization. The philosophy of Krav Maga emphasizes on simultaneous offensive moves, immediate action against aggression as well as attacking the enemy before they attack you. Even to this day, the special and regular Israeli Defence Forces rely hugely on Krav Maga. Handling armed and unarmed opponents. These training methods are used in most Israeli Elite Units and proved their effectiveness often in the reality.
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Krav Maga is an extremely effective martial art and self-defence system against real-time violence and was developed to teach students to be able to defend themselves in a short period of time. In other words, Krav Maga is about teaching a simple way (but effective) for the common man to prevail over their attacker and defend themselves in all situations. The main rationale behind Krav Maga is to end the attack as soon as possible and can be described as follows: “everything is permitted when you are fighting for your own or others’ lives!”

Based on real-time life threatening scenarios, Krav Maga is the most efficient martial art for self-defense in existence today. Krav Maga is not holding on to traditional techniques and ways of thinking. It is a modern and effective system of self-defense developed, built and continually adjusted to satisfy the needs of the present time. Therefore Krav Maga is a continuously evolving art, which gets better day-by-day.

Intuitive and Practical

All the techniques are developed based on the natural instinct of your body, such as bringing your hand to defend yourself against choke attacks. Beside physical training another important part of the training is mental discipline and the ability to handle violent situations under stress.
"Many Problems, One Solution – Krav Maga"

More About Krav Maga

"Krav Maga" has gained more popularity in recent years and is bringing both Self-defense and physical fitness under one roof. This simple and practical self-defense techniques are suitable for all men, women and children at all ages.
"Krav Maga" is practiced by people in all ages and is covering all different real life scenarios, such as bulling, assaults, armed weapons attacks, robbery, abduction attempt and so on. While focusing on technique, our Krav Maga classes also involve training on dealing with fears, boosting self-esteem and self-reliance and mental strength to prepare individuals for every possible threatening situation.

Why Learn Krav Maga

Krav Maga is one of the most practical self defense techniques. This training vastly improves your mental strength. Apart from the physical abilities, the training also improves your mental strength, confidence, self-esteem, a feeling of safety and the ability to protect yourself. It also reduces feelings of fear and anxiety. The training makes you feel that you are in control and capable of defending yourself and not relying on the help of others.
Owing to the innovative teaching style, this martial art ensures that you do not freeze, get overwhelmed or go into any shock in case of sudden attacks. Instead you will be prepared to take immediate control of any type of situation. We provide Krav Maga (self defense classes for womens), adult as well as for kids.
"Step up and stay equipped for whatever life throws at you"

Great Way to Stay Fit

Stay fit, while you are learning some exclusive self-defense techniques!
If fitness is your major concern, then Krav Maga serves that purpose as well. The process of drilling and conditioning in Krav Maga involves extensive workout. Be it the knee strikes or the throwing punches, all the moves are exhausting.
Be it men, women, children or even elderly for that matter, anyone might get exposed to different types of violent attacks in their life, at any point of time. Therefore, at Krav Maga, we believe that, everyone should be ready to safeguard themselves against such unexpected attacks. Consequently, we help our students to take control of real life attacks and threatening scenarios, by providing the best self defense techniques. Whether you are attacked by a single attacker or a group of aggressors who are well equipped, you will be taught to handle them all.
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