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How does membership work?

Once you finish your 14 day trial you will be prompted to become a full member of KMA. Membership includes full access to our classes in the dojo and online including, Krav Maga, combat fit, sparring techniques and BJJ.

How much is membership?

Membership fees vary according to age and type of membership. Prices vary from $65 - $95 per fortnight, depending on the membership chosen. For a full list of pricing, visit our Memberships page and select your membership category.

How will I be charged?

Once you sign up as a full member, KMA will provide a simple direct debit order form. Membership fees will be automatically debited from your bank account or credit card every fortnight.

Do I have any obligation to continue with KMA after completing my free trial?

No. Whilst we are confident you will benefit from our classes in the short and long term, in the event you decide to to discontinue, there is no obligation or charge associated with doing so.

Once I am a member are there any lock in contracts?

No. We just require 2 weeks notice before the end of your debit order.

What will I learn?

Get Ready to learn Hand to Hand Striking; Hand to hand Defence; Releases from chokes, grabs, hair pulls, headlocks, bear hugs and floor pins; Defence against multiple attackers, knives and sticks; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; Technical Sparring; Combat Fit Classes; External Specialist instructors and courses; Flexibility, strength, conditioning and coordination; Improved confidence and self esteem.

What's involved in the online program?

The online program offers daily live streaming of our regular classes, recorded sessions and tutorials so you access our teaching wherever you are in the world and remain on track.

How many classes do you run?

Our online members area will run 15 classes a week, catering for beginners, intermediate and advanced students of all ages and fitness levels. Under normal trading circumstances, our Moorabbin dojo offers over 25 classes per week.

Do you offer Personal Training?

Yes. Our trainers are available for 1 on 1’s or small groups upon request.

What are your opening hours?

Online access is 24/7 and you can contact us at any time. During covid - 19 KMA will remain in line with government regulations. Once permitted, the dojo is open everyday, except Sunday.

Where are you located?

34a Bignell Rd, Moorabbin, VIC

34A Bignell Road, Moorabbin 3189, VIC, Australia  
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