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Managing Director and Chief Instructor

Dave is the Director and Chief instructor of Krav Maga Australia. He is also the Australian head instructor of the Combat Krav Maga Association and a qualified instructor for the American-based Krav Maga Alliance association.  Dave is a personal safety expert with over 20 years of experience teaching self-defence and awareness to children and adults alike. He is passionate about maximising his students personal safety in any environment, whilst improving their skills, fitness and self esteem.
Dave Friedman
Daniel Werzberger



Director and Senior Instructor

Daniel is the Director of KMA. He is an active member of the Australian Karate Squad, 2021 Australian Open Champion and Victorian Karate Champion in Kumite (fighting).  Daniel is a black belt in Kimekai Karate, under Sensei Marco Mazzanti, as well as a certified Krav Maga instructor qualified via the Wingate Institute. He has a wealth of experience in high level competition and a passion for passing his learnings on to our students.



Senior Krav Maga and Fitness Instructor

Asher is a certified Krav Maga Instructor for the Combat Krav Maga Association with more than 6 years of teaching experience. He is also a certified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer accredited by Fitness Australia. Asher is currently studying a Bachelor of Exercise Science (Clinical Practice) and holds certifications in Allied Health Assistance and the NDIS, both catering for Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Disability Support. Asher is highly passionate about helping students to achieve their goals in fitness, personal safety and all round confidence.
Asher Diamond


Shelle Friedman

Shellé is one of our assistant instructors for our Kids Krav classes and the owner of our associated Kinder Kids program –Movement Matters for Kids.

Shellé has qualifications and experience in Applied Behaviour Analysis and child development and wellbeing. She brings her special skill set to the mats to ensure that all our Kids Krav students get the attention, focus and learning strategies that they deserve and need to maximise their KMA experience and provide the foundations to develop both on and off the mats. Shellé also provides training and support to all our instructors ensuring that Krav Maga Australia is best equipped to provide our Kids Krav students with the highest level of training.
"Children need to feel comfortable and supported in order to learn and be the best they can be." - Shellé


Nelson Lay

Head of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Nelson Lay has been training BJJ since 2007 and is currently a brown belt training under Marcelino Freitas. He is an active competitor and has won Victorian, and Pan Pacific competitions whilst progressing through the belt ranks. Nelson holds a double degree in Exercise Science and Sport Management with Honours in Exercise Physiology, as well as extensive teaching experience through years of tutoring at Deakin University and teaching the art of Jiu-jitsu to students in Australia and overseas.  He has a passion for traveling, rock climbing, breathwork and meditation, and hopes to bring a holistic approach to BJJ to his students.
Most recent achievements:

2nd place 2021 Pan Pacific Championships(Brown belt)
3rd place 2019 Australian National Championships(Brown Belt).
Gret Wittert



Krav Maga Instructor - Kids and Teens


Jack Middleton

Assistant Krav Maga Instructor – Kids and Teens

Jack has been training with us since 2014. Having started his Krav journey to increase his fitness and self-confidence, Jack is now a brown belt and training hard to achieve his black belt later this year. Jack is one of our most dedicated students and brings this mindset, positive attitude and his passion for working with kids into our Kids & Teens Krav classes. Jack is currently studying a degree in primary education at Deakin University, from which he aspires to become a teacher.
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