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      At KMA we believe that everyone should have the basic skills to protect themselves and their loved ones, with the option to become highly skilled with further training. Our classes are suitable for persons of all ages (starting from age 5) and all fitness levels. All techniques taught are governed by the following overriding philosophies : 
  • Techniques must work by anyone against anyone else, regardless of size and strength of attacker and regardless of size and strength of the victim
  • Techniques must be effective and implementable in a high stressed situation, understanding the physiological changes that your body undergoes during high stress/adrenaline dump situation.
  • Techniques must be easy to learn in a short space of time and easy to remember afterwards.
  • Techniques adhere to and facilitate the ultimate objective of making an effective escape.
Based on the life and professional experiences of our instructor cohortat at KMA, we don’t only teach self defence. You will learn skills across our full Model of Personal Safety including techniques and strategies to avoid becoming a victim of crime through increased situational awareness, good decision making, identifying pre-attack indicators and more. At KMA we teach the serious skills and ability to defend yourself against an attacker who is intent on causing you harm. However, this is a taught in a friendly, ego-free environment.
Our students are our family and our teaching culture is one of being friendly, caring and nurturing while imparting the necessary skills. All students are expected to display our 3 main character attributes when stepping onto the mats.
  • Safety
  • Respect
  • The Will to Learn
Come in for a trial and we guarantee that you will learn practical, effective techniques from your very first session and leave with an increased ability to make an effective escape and get home safe to your family.
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At Krav Maga in melbourne Australia, we give you the personal attention and the right guidance you need in order to acquire the best self-defense techniques to overcome any violent situation. All of our trainers come with great experience and know how to ensure that these self-defense skills will successfully get imparted onto their students. We follow reality-based, practical training methods that will strengthen your muscles and sharpen your senses.

We look forward to seeing you at Krav Maga Australia right here in our city Melbourne.
We look forward to seeing you
-Dave Friedman
Chief Krav Maga Instructor
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KMA Students


At KMA, we believe it is important that our students are effective and understand key principles of self defense from day 1. Our belt system is simple and effective, ensuring that no matter what stage of the journey our students find themselves in, they can effectively defend themselves.

Our range of grading belts include white, purple, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown and black.

Our grading belt system includes yellow, orange, green, blue, brown and black belts.


All of our members are asked to wear a KMA training top when they train in the dojo. Feel free to browse our shop and view our apparel.

The KMA uniform is recommended for members but not compulsory.

A Welcoming Gym

At KMA, we endeavour to make our classes available to everyone. This is why we have implemented a number of initiatives to make classes more accessible regardless of any challenges a student might have. 

Empowering Women

We recognise that many women in particular can find stepping into a self defence class a dauntingexperience. For this reason, we offer a weekly women’s only class to provide an environment that some women may find more comfortable. These classes can provide a stepping stone into our main beginner classes by giving women an opportunity to learn the fundamentals and gain confidence before transitioning into the co-ed beginner classes. To learn more about these sessions contact us or read on here.

Supporting Neurodiverse Youth

At KMA we pride ourselves on creating a safe andcomfortable space for everyone, including students with neurodiversity. Ourinstructors receive additional training on how best to meet the needs ofstudents with different abilities to ensure that everyone reaches theirlearning goals. In addition, we have the above standard instructor to studentratio, particularly in our kids classes, to ensure that we are able to offerall of our students increased attention, a higher level of engagement and beable to meet any individual needs. 

Supporting Charities

KMA is an official sponsor of Little Dreamers Australia,offering free sessions for the young carers they support as well as sponsoringprizes at their fundraising events.

KMA also regularly supports and sponsors local charitiesholding fundraisers for various causes including disaster relief campaigns,Ukrainian Food Aid, local community and mental health organisations. We alwayswelcome introductions to new charities who can benefit from our services. 

Financial Accessibility

At KMA we are passionate about what we do and believethat everyone should be able to learn the skills to keep themselves safe. Weare happy to have a discussion with any student that has financial challengesand make a plan that works for them and KMA, understanding everyone's needs.

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