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Kids Self defense

Krav Maga kids classes

Perfect for Self-Confidence & Growth
Krav Maga is one of the ultimate martial arts for kids to try. Designed to instil a sense of confidence, respect and discipline, Krav Maga for kids is a personal development tool that will stay with your child for life. Your child will learn how to deal with a variety of situations whilst obtaining further physical and mental development. 
Give your child a safe start with our Krav Maga classes for kids, and help them to achieve their full potential both physically and mentally. Catering for children from ages 5 to 11 years our classes will provide your child with the following benefits and more :
Gaining self-confidence and self-empowerment : The skills acquired through Krav Maga classes are some of the best for instilling a sense of confidence regardless of the situation. Your child will not only learn how to keep themselves safe but will take the confidence learned at Krav Maga Australia into everyday life. 
Physical development and fitness : Krav Maga is one of the ultimate ways for your child to enhance their physical fitness. Not only this, starting Krav Maga is great for children in their early development stages. It is physical but not crazily demanding and allows for children to develop and grow into physically fit teenagers and on to adulthood. 
Krav maga student standing in front of instructors
Small children bowing to instructors after Krav Maga class
Resilience : Everything that we do at Krav Maga Australia is there to teach kids physical and mental skills that will last them throughout their lives. Resilience is a key skill that students will develop and learn through the games played, activities and skills taught in every class.
Respect and Discipline : Respect and discipline are key elements that are spoken about, taught and implemented in every class. The kids will have fun whilst also learning the importance of respect for the instructors, respect for their fellow students and respect for themselves.
Self-defence skills : Kids will learn a variety of self-defence and overall personal safety skills to keep themselves safe from age-appropriate concerns they may face. These range from anti-bullying techniques, learning to use a confident and assertive voice, learning increased situational awareness and other such skills to prevent themselves from a preventable accident or somebody trying to hurt them.
Using their voice to manage a conflict, elicit help and show assertiveness when appropriate.
Situational Awareness : Situation Awareness is a concept that is addressed in every class in the warm up and through games played to inculcate a mindset of always being aware of everything in your environment. This allows the students to develop the ability to be able to spot and identify potential dangers before they cause harm.
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All of this is taught in a fun, friendly nurturing environment with a high instructor-to-student ratio ensuring that all students are engaged and receive the individual attention that they need and deserve.
Our kids Krav Maga classes combine all of the above in every lesson along with reinforcing values that you will be teaching your child at home such as self respect, how to avoid and deal with bullying and most importantly when it is appropriate to use their Krav Maga training.


Ready to enroll your child in Krav Maga?

Krav Maga Australia provides our classes in a fun yet focused environment. We care about our students and want to see them develop into bright, confident teens and on into adulthood. We welcome all new students and provide them with training in a manner that seeks to guide them into the discipline and instil a sense of self-confidence and empowerment.
Bring them down to start their 2-week trial and watch the smile on their face as they have fun while learning key skills. In the early stages they will learn Krav Maga fundamentals before going on to learn how to apply them in particular situations.
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