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Empower your security staff with real-life practical self defense techniques

Security is a career,which by the nature of the work come with a higher risk of dealing with a physical confrontation. To prevent injuries to the staff members or to the public, there is a necessity for self-defense techniques to be trained above and beyond the scope of the security license courses. To be more effective in the duties it is vital for security personal to have the physical skills and the mental confidence to be able to protect themselves, their fellow security personnel and the members of the public that they are tasked to protect.

Krav Maga Australia instructors have years of high level security experience and know the training that security personal need to deal with the various concerns they may face in the course of their duties.

Providing our self defense training to your security staff will provide the following benefits and more.
  • Improve physical self defense skills
  • Improved levels of confidence and empowerment
  • Physical and mental health benefits
  • Increased levels of company loyalty
Training provided will be tailored to the needs and scenarios that your security personnel are likely to find themselves according to their working environment.
All training is conducted and contextualised in accordance with the use of force laws as they apply to security offices.
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