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Discover How Women are Using Krav Maga for Flooring Down Male Attackers within seconds

One of the most persistent questions women have when they are out on the streets is how to defend themselves if they are attacked. And this is true for women in every part of the world, be it Paris, Israel or Melbourne.The best weapon women can have is a surprise attack.The attacker does not expect any resistance or response from the victim. He expect the victim to freeze and not to be able to react. therefore any type of response from the women will be a surprise and a shock to the attacker which can make him think twice before trying to stay and fight.Remember the attacker is a human just like you, he can also be surprised, scared, freeze and be afraid which will make him want to escape. That’s why the attackers are looking for easy targets. They are not looking for a difficult fight that they might lose in or get seriously injured. That’s the reason they will probably won’t try to attack Mike Tyson (former heavy weight boxing champion). Usually when we think of a potential attacker we think of a scary big and strong man, but the reality is that attackers can be a drunk man that can barely function or a skinny weak man or even a small teenager. After understanding that the attacker is a person who can be scared off and realizing that any action of you might get him into shock, now it’s the time to know where to hit!! Be it a male or female attacker they all got pressure points which are soft area’s in their bodies that can cause them a lot of pain. The area’s we would like to strike in order to cause the most damage to the attacker that can cause him to fall or even make him escape are areas like the groin the eyes and the neck. A strong kick to the groin can paralyse even the strongest man in the street for a few minutes which can allow enough time to escape the area or call for help. Another area we would like to strike is the eyes. As bad as it may sound punching someone may not cause him a lot of damage if any, but can definitely break your wrist or knuckles if you don’t know how to use the feast properly. Attacking the eyes does not requires a lot of knowledge or being a professional boxer, all it take is one finger in the eye for the attacker not to be able to see and to be occupied in his own pain. (Bear in mind that we are talking on scenarios of life and death as a finger in the eye can cause permanent damage) Another soft spot of the attacker is the throat. If the attacker is close or even hold you in a bear hug or hold you with the back to the wall the best way to attack back is hitting the throat. Even the strongest and biggest people need to breath and a strong hit to the wind pipe and make it very hard for them to do so. Each one of those area will floor down the attacker within seconds If you are still bothered by such thoughts and wish to learn some those practical moves and area of attacks come and join our self defence classes in Melbourne, and visit one of our Krav Maga classes.

Tamir Carmi

How to use everyday items around you into a useful weapon to defend yourself

In today’s life violence is all around us and anyone can find himself at any given time whether it’s at home or in the street in a stressful and scary situation when he needs to defend himself or the ones he loves. Entering into a physical fight with bare hands might not solve the problem as we can be caught by surprise or we simply don’t have the right fighting skills to overcome the threat. The attacker has a big advantage in those situations. He had time to plan his assault, to choose the right place and time that is suitable for him and therefore he has the advantage of having the element of surprise. But even without being a well-trained martial artist there are a lot of things around us that we can use to turn the situation to our advantage so that we will get the attacker by surprise and get him to enter into shock. Before we start it’s important to remember that an attacker is a person like us and that he can get scarred, enter into a shock and freeze or even think that it will be too hard and might lose and will therefore run away. In the event that you need to fight back to protect yourself, you can always have an advantage on the attacker by using daily items that most of us can carry or that are around us and turn it into a powerful weapon. There are many ordinary objects that can be use as such. Here are 10 everyday household items that you can use to defend yourself in the street or at home in case of a sudden attack occurring:

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