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Krav Maga is a modern and practical self defence system which is based on real life scenarios that you may encounter. In our adult classes from the first day you will learn useful and effective techniques that are easy to implement in a self defence situation.  From the time you start your Krav Maga journey you will also learn situational awareness tools, threat cue identification techniques as well as pre attack indicators all with the aim of providing you with the ability to avoid and prevent yourself from becoming a victim of crime.  As you progress with your Krav Maga training you will learn all of the following :
  • Effective Striking incorporating all hand and leg strikes options.
  • Defence against the hand and leg strikes.
  • Release from various common grabs and holds including when your attacker is front of you, on the side of you and behind you.
  • Ground defence and how to get back onto your feet as quick as possible.
  • Defence against various types of weapons.
  • Multiple Attacker techniques.
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In addition to the above self defence techniques you will also gain an understanding and learn the following :
  • Use of Voice as a tool to prevent and benefit you during a self defence encounter.
  • Training to overcome the psychological (as well as the physical) aspect of an unexpected street encounter.
  • The physiological changes that your body experiences during a high stress, self defence encounter and how to best manage your adrenaline dump.
  • Training of your reaction time to analyse and evaluate an impending/existing threat and react accordingly in as short a time as possible.
All of the above is taught to provide you with all the tools to allow you to make an effective escape from an unsafe and potentially harmful situation.

So start your 2-week trial and do something for yourself and relieve some stress in today’s high paced and demanding society while learning practical skills, in an ego-free environment, to protect yourself and your loved ones.
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Teens Krav Maga

Our teens Krav class provides a perfect bridge between the kids Krav and Adult Krav classes.
As your kids get older and reach their teen years, they will naturally experience changes to their bodies and environment as they navigate their way through this tricky stage of their life-cycle.  As they become more independent, there will be new exposure(s) to different threats and concerns that they may face without the comfort and security of having a parent with them. This includes starting to take public transport, attend sporting, music and cultural events and the like with their peers and without adult supervision.
Krav Maga Australia's classes will provide your teen with the confidence and life skills to better equip themselves to handle new situations, as well as common childhood issues such as as bullying.

KRAV MAGA Kids Self Defence Classes

Krav Maga is one of the ultimate martial arts to learn self defense. Give your child a safe start with our Krav Maga classes for kids, and help them to achieve their full potential both physically and mentally. Catering for children from ages 5 to 11 years our classes will provide your child with the following benefits and more :
  • Gaining self-confidence and self-empowerment.
  • Physical development and fitness.
  • Resilience.
  • Respect and Discipline.
  • Self defence skills.
  • Using of their voice to manage a conflict, elicit help and show assertiveness when appropriate.
  • Situational Awareness.
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All of this is taught in a fun, friendly nurturing environment with a high instructor-to-student ratio ensuring that all students are engaged and receive the individual attention that they need and deserve.
Our kids Krav Maga classes combine all of the above in every lesson along with reinforcing values that you will be teaching your child at home such as self respect, how to avoid and deal with bullying and most importantly when it is appropriate to use their Krav Maga training.
Bring them down to start their 2-week trial and watch the smile on their face as they have fun while leaning key skills.
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combat fit

A great way to get fit, fast and strong. Combat fit is designed to ensure you get a full body work out, as well as improving your basic striking skills. A session typically lasts for 45 minutes and you can be sure to sweat, as you improve your combat skills and overall fitness.

The gym has recently been upgraded to include further mat space, mirrors and gym equipment to give participants the best possible experience in these classes!

Hybrid Strength & Fitness

Have you ever felt intimidated, nervous or self-conscious about starting a fitness or strength program?

Many people can feel worried by the idea of performing exercise movements or lifting weights simply because they are unsure about how to use weights or perform the movements correctly and safely. If you can relate, then this could be the perfect class for you. Our hybrid strength and fitness class, run by highly experienced and qualified personal trainers and group fitness instructors, teach correct form and technique when performing exercises. Learn the movements that activate targeted muscle groups so you can get stronger the right way and increase your cardiovascular stamina with small spurts of fun explosive cardio. This class is aimed at anyone wanting light weight workouts to feel stronger and fitter no matter what their level of fitness is!
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Striking Combatives

A striking class combining boxing, kickboxing and Mauy Thai techniques. Classes are taken by Instructor Dipper who previously fought professionally in kickboxing and still fights professionally in Mauy Thai today.

This is an all level class, perfect for students looking to complement their Krav Maga skills with effective striking, complete beginners and experienced Martial Artists.



Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) is a martial art focusing largely on grappling and ground fighting. BJJ has been proven, when used properly, to be an effective method for dealing with bigger and stronger opponents and has become increasingly popular due in part to its great success in Mixed MartialArts (MMA) and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

It can be trained for many beneficial reasons of self-development as well as self defense, sport grappling (gi and no-gi) and mixed martial arts competition and has found its way into the training regimen of nearly every successful martial artist worldwide.

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Boxing Class

A structured boxing class where you will learn to become proficient in the art of boxing and get a great cardio and strength workout too.

These classes incorporate both bag and partner work to provide the full set of skills needed to become proficient in your boxing:

- Agility
- Strength & Conditioning
- Cardio
- Footwork
- Balance
- Punch combinations
- Punching rhythm, tempo and speed
- Defense
- Defense and counters

This is an all level class, perfect for students looking to complement their Krav Maga skills with effective striking, complete beginners and experienced Martial Artists.



A technical class working on combinations, distance, footwork and timing. Students who have attended multiple classes or have sparring experience are then able to lightly spar, in a controlled ego-free environment.  The sparring classes are run by Instructor Daniel who is an active member of the Victorian and Australian National Karate Squads in Kumite (fighting). Daniel has a wealth of knowledge and experience at a high level of competitive sparring and a passion for passing these on to our students. Sparring classes are included in the adult basic membership package and provide an additional class and skill set to add to your weekly training opportunity.

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Our Womens Krav class is a great way to learn the practical and effective self defence techniques that Krav Maga teaches in a female students only environment.In these classes you will learn skills, build your fitness and gain confidence all while having a great time and a laugh.These classes are suitable for teens and adults of all ages and all fitness levels. Whether you are brand new to self defence student or have any martial arts experience, this class provides a warm friendly environment to learn self defence and grow as a person.


         Personal training

Personal training or small group sessions are available to be booked with any of the Krav Maga Australia instructors. These are a great way to fast track your progress, improve and work on any specific techniques or areas of the syllabus not being covered in the group classes at that time.  The focus of the sessions can be split between strength training, general fitness, fighting fitness, and self defence techniques as per your request.  

Prices for personal training and small group sessions are based on 60 minute sessions as follows:

1-on-1: $100
1-on-2: $120
1-on-3: $150
1:on-4: $200

The prices above are base prices and may vary according to specifics of the sessions.

Contact us to book a personal or small group session.

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