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How to End a Fight In 3 Seconds

Safety measures are of concern whether you are inside your cozy abode or out there in the real world. Relying completely on pepper sprays and safety equipment isn’t the choice of the wisest. Learning self-defence techniques are vital to protect yourself in violent situations. Did you ever indulge in a life-challenging fight with your attacker or did you just surrender? Not aware of the fighting techniques that would allow you to dominate the attacker? Real life situations do not get you a lot of time to fend off an attacker. Since time of the essence in such situations, here are some tips that might help you to end a fight in 3 seconds

Mindful Rather Ambushing

There are some fighting techniques which can disable your attacker within no time. However, you can master them only by regular practice. The thumb rule of any fight is to keep oneself calm irrespective of the situations. Just focus and evaluate the situation before you initiate any move. Take a second to determine whether your opponent is angry, drunk or psychopath to decide on your moves. It is important to analyze your opponent’s physique and strength. If your opponent is furious but hasn’t yet physically harmed you, stay calm as anger in exchange of anger can worsen the situation. However, prepare yourself for the attack!

Strike the Opponent’s Weak Points

No matter who your opponent is, a sharp hit on his vulnerable body parts will leave him gasping. The idea is to strike his weak parts with your strong parts. Face, toes, groin, stomach (solar plexus or diaphragm) and side of the neck are his weak parts while the heel of feet or hand, knee, fist, elbow and the top of the head are your strong parts. A hard punch on your opponent’s nose, jaw or eyes might help to bring him down. Apart from this, look around if you can use anything as a weapon for you to attack your opponent. You have the right to self-defense and hence you can use anything as simple as sand and stones extending to sticks and rods.

Deceive Your Opponent

Whether you are good at playing tricks or not, it can help you to mislead your opponent. Ask any professionals about the role of human psychology in a fight and you are sure to be convinced. Pose yourself as if you are trained in martial arts and keenly observe your opponent’s reactions. If he isn’t trained, he’ll probably copy you, which puts you in control of the fight. Dodge with your opponent by faking a side-kick which looks as you are about to reach for his shin but deliver a strong punch on his face or any weak parts instead.

The Perfect Punch and Kick

Learn the correct way of punching which will injure your opponent and not hurt your hand. Your fist should have the thumb on the outside instead of concealed by other fingers. Keep your wrist straight and hit with your knuckles which will deliver an effective punch without hurting your hand. Punch frequently on the opponent’s head, in case your opponent is stronger, punch hard on his throat or ribs. Never go for a tricky show off by trying to extend the kick to your rival’s head. Reaching for his shin or knee instead could prove to be a smart move. Kicks help to keep maintain the distance between you and your opponent, which makes it harder for him to attack you. Instead of using your toes, hit with the side of your foot towards the side of the opponent’s knee which will help you balance yourself. Try to keep your moves short and quick; don’t try anything you aren’t sure of. Make sure you protect yourself while attacking as a sudden unexpected blow could injure you. These few tips are sure to knock the attacker down. If you are yet to give a thought on choosing the best form of self-defense, do consider Krav Maga. It is a military self-defense system that was initially structured to train Israeli security forces. The techniques involved in krav maga are sourced from Muay Thai, Wrestling, Judo, Boxing, and other such fighting forms. For further details visit or come in for a FREE trial lesson which might help you to make up your mind. Krav Maga uses practical self-defense techniques against weapons, holds, grabs, and how to deal with multiple attackers whether you are standing or are on the ground. Krav Maga is a complete self-defence and fighting system developed in the IDF and brings the average civilian to a competent level of self-defense in the shortest possible time. If you have any query about Krav Maga training or instructor’s course in Australia, please fill in the contact form ( and our team will get back to you shortly.

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