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How to use everyday items around you into a useful weapon to defend yourself

In today’s life violence is all around us and anyone can find himself at any given time whether it’s at home or in the street in a stressful and scary situation when he needs to defend himself or the ones he loves. Entering into a physical fight with bare hands might not solve the problem as we can be caught by surprise or we simply don’t have the right fighting skills to overcome the threat. The attacker has a big advantage in those situations. He had time to plan his assault, to choose the right place and time that is suitable for him and therefore he has the advantage of having the element of surprise. But even without being a well-trained martial artist there are a lot of things around us that we can use to turn the situation to our advantage so that we will get the attacker by surprise and get him to enter into shock. Before we start it’s important to remember that an attacker is a person like us and that he can get scarred, enter into a shock and freeze or even think that it will be too hard and might lose and will therefore run away. In the event that you need to fight back to protect yourself, you can always have an advantage on the attacker by using daily items that most of us can carry or that are around us and turn it into a powerful weapon. There are many ordinary objects that can be use as such. Here are 10 everyday household items that you can use to defend yourself in the street or at home in case of a sudden attack occurring:

Bottle of water When you are outside in the street walking alone it could be very useful and important to carry a bottle of water with you and leave it open. In case of a sudden attack throw the bottle of water on the attacker’s face, this will shock him and hold him for a few seconds which will give you time to get back to your senses and run to a crowded place or call for help or even attack him once he is in a shock state. Belt A belt can be used like whip by swinging the belt buckle end toward the attacker’s face. That’s a great way to keep distance from you and the attacker and not letting him get any closer. A belt can also be used to restrain your attacker or in a case of a knife attack or a sharp object a belt can be used as a shield and prevent him from cutting you.

Perfume Spray perfumes work the same as mace spray and can be blinding thanks to the alcohol content. The scent itself may also be highly irritating given the concentration of the perfume if it is sprayed in the face. Keys Whenever you head to your car, you should always keep your keys between your fingers. This allows you to use them as a weapon in case of sudden attack. Most keys are made of metal and can be used as knife in order to cut and scratch the attacker’s face or even throw it on his face if needed to escape. You’ll also do more damage when you throw a punch if the keys are between your fingers.

Hot Coffee Piping hot coffee is perfect to defend yourself. Splashing it on your attacker’s face or body to burn and distract him long enough for you to get away. Umbrella An umbrella can be used to stab or hit just like you would do with a baseball bat. You can also use the umbrella to put distance between you and the person that is trying to harm you.

Hand bag Hand bag or even a backpack can be a very useful weapon in order to create distance from you and a group of attackers. If you are been attack in the street by one or multiple attackers or even just feels that you are about to be attacked you can keep yourself safe by swinging the bag toward them and by that not letting them to get near you. A bag that is swinging wildly toward someone’s face can definitely cause him to freeze and to stop from getting closer Here are a few items you can use at home in case of a home invasion or if you are being attacked in an office: Pile of papers Any office or home usually have a pile of papers lying around, throwing them at someone’s face can cause him a shock and to freeze for a few seconds what will give you enough time to run away or even attack again

Pen A pen or a pencil can be a deadly weapon if stabbed in a soft spot. Both can penetrate the skin very easily and you can use it as a knife to stab the attacker’s hand and in case of life and death situation, you can always use it to stab someone in sensitive area’s such as the neck or even the eyes. Frying Pan A frying pan can be very useful when it comes to household items in order to defend yourself, it is easy to lift and when strike in the head can cause severe injury or even knock out your attacker. These are just a few ideas of how you can defend yourself with items that you can easily find lying around. If you want to avoid being a victim of a serious assault, robbery or even murder, be prepared to defend yourself at all times!

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