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Learn how your child can benefit from Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a form of martial art with unique self-defense techniques that can enable your child to develop into a healthy, mature and strong individual. It is designed for kids of all ages and offers numerous benefits. Kids Krav Maga is specifically created with age-appropriate situations to help children deal with difficult circumstances. The benefits offered by Krav Maga are not restricted to self-defense only. It is an excellent means of achieving a numerous number of other advantage such as health benefits, self-discipline, stronger and more independent personality and more. It is these added advantages that draw parents towards training their kids in Krav Maga. Read on to discover the various ways in which Krav Maga can help to improve the overall health, self-esteem and level of awareness of your child.

Fitness benefits for kids

Krav Maga is very practical and useful for kids since it is based on natural movements. This will allow the child to gain strength and be fit in a manner that best suits their body. Moreover, kids emerge stronger and healthier without the stress of being labelled a winner or a loser. Krav Maga encourages children to be active and this leads to the healthy development of the bones, muscles and fine motor skills. The training involves fitness and kids benefit from enhanced coordination, balance, flexibility, and strength. Krav Maga is a mixed martial art style and involves various moves and techniques. This makes it a form of a excellent exercise that has a positive impact on every aspect of the kid’s health as they are using every part of their body and not only legs or hands. It enhances the capacity of lungs and improves blood circulation. By making Krav Maga, a part of the regular exercise routine of children, you will notice an improvement in overall health.

Improve discipline and self esteem among kids:

As parents, it is necessary to help kids channelize their energy towards productive and concrete goals. Thru Krav Maga training kids are learning that giving up and quitting is the last option. At the training kids are needed to handle challenging tasks which improves their self-esteem and sense of belief in themselves and in their abilities to succeed. Krav Maga helps to implement a sense of discipline and respect for others. Children learn to abide by the instructions of their instructors and this works towards enhancing their level of concentration, respect and discipline. The training involves using certain terms to show respect to the rest of the students and to the instructors such as bow at the begging of the class and toward opponents as a mark of respect. The sense of focus acquired and positive skills developed helps kids throughout their life.

Creates awareness of danger in a fun way

Krav Maga classes involve fun activities and games which encourages kids to eagerly take part in the learning process. Through these games and the fun exercises your child develops an understanding of self defense techniques and how to get out of danger or risky situations. He’s confidence in his abilities are improving and he learns how to escape and overcome and risky situation such as holds, grabs and pushes. The curriculum for Krav Maga is designed to be age-appropriate and this makes it an effective learning tool for kids of all ages. The program also subtly integrates various safety awareness topics like bulling, risks of injuries and even abductions. To add to that, such activities helps kids to realize the fun in outdoor play and keeps them away from computers and video games all day. Are you eager to impart Krav Maga training to your child? At Krav Maga Australia, we offer special kids Krav Maga classes to teach self-defense techniques and much more to children. We understand that every child is different and offer individual attention to provide the best training. Our programs focus on the overall development of your child. If you wish to know more about our classes, feel free to get in touch with us. You can call us on 0451-100-339. Alternatively, you can also get in touch with us through our online contact form or email us at

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