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Top Reasons To Learn Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a self-defense system that was created by a martial artist Imi Lichtenfeld for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in the 1940s. The fundamental principle of Krav Maga is to end the fight as soon as possible by causing maximum damage to the opponent.Here Are Few Benefits That Can Be Expected From Krav Maga

Boost self-confidence

Krav Maga training is very useful in improving the overall strength of your body. Apart from the physical aspect of learning the self-defense techniques, it also helps in sharpening your mind and gives you more confidence in yourself and in your ability to stay safe. By learning Krav Maga, you lose the fear of being under a violent attack as you simulate in class almost every possible scenario that can happen in real life and learn how to overcome it. The sessions and the practical and simple techniques you will be learning will help you to believe in yourself and ensure you will be able to protect yourself if any threat is ever to occur.

Improves your fitness level

A big part of the Krav Maga classes is physical activity and improving the general fitness level of each student. Being physically fit not just help you fight better but will also lift your immune system, gives you the capability to dealing with stress levels, increase your overall confidence as well as your general health. Krav Maga is an ideal way to stay fit and a great way to release your stress.

Increase awareness of your environment

Another big part of the Krav Maga classes is to learn how to avoid violence and physical confrontation and not just how to handle and overcome them. In the training we must always be aware of our surroundings and learn to identify a violent scenario even before it escalates into an attack or a fight. We simulate a lot of different real life scenarios which we might find ourselves in in the street and learn how to use it to our benefit or how we can easily avoid a threatening situation should it ever occur. During the training we learn to identify and be aware of certain behaviours of others that might lead to a violent attack and also learn how we can improve our position to avoid or overcome the threat if it is to happen. We constantly simulate different scenarios that can escalate into a physical violence and learn to identify and be aware of the threat.

Ideal for people of all sizes and strengths

Krav Maga gives you the skill and ability to take out anyone regardless of their size and strength as its techniques based on natural movement of the body are so practical that anyone of any size and shape can take down even someone double his size and strength. Even though you might be skinny, short, young, old or unfit, you will be able to overcome any violent scenario in the streets. This is due to the fact that Krav Maga techniques are highly effective and are based on simple movements but yet are very practical for everyone to perform.

Reality based training

Krav Maga is a very effective style of Martial Art both as a self-defense system as well as a powerful workout. With Krav Maga, you get to learn how to deal with real-life situations from day one. Krav Maga will help you deal with sudden attacks, attempted robbery or any kind of a violent situations. With Krav Maga training, you will become a stronger person in both mentally and physically and most importantly, it will give you the ability to deal with threatening real life scenarios and take care of yourself in any kind of situations. It will have effective and long-lasting results in your life as it will also improve your awareness of your surroundings and help you avoid any threatening situation by being aware of it. Within a short time of training you will be more confident, your control over your body will increase, and your trust in yourself and in your abilities will increase. Krav Maga training brings students the ability to protect themselves and the knowledge that they can do so. All in a positive and friendly training environment that along with the improvement of the fitness level contributes to a healthier lifestyle. In case you are looking for more information regarding Krav Maga, get in touch with us today. Krav Maga Australia is your trusted Martial Arts School in Melbourne. Feel free to call us at 0451 100 339. You can also email us at Come enroll yourself to our Krav Maga classes today and empower yourself to handle any kind of an emergency situations in your life.

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