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Why “I Don’t Have Time for Self Defense Training” is a bad excuse we must change

Free time is a matter of priorities rather than an existing fact, and it’s important to remember it when talking about things we should or need to do but “don’t have time for it”. Maintaining a good fitness level should be a universal goal. In modern times, we choose to spend more and more time at our work desks or in our homes watching television, eating fast food, surfing the internet, going to the mall or just staying indoors, rather than being out doing physical activities that can make our life better and healthier. These sedentary activities are a curse of modern lifestyles and must be countered with an active fitness schedule. We must keep in mind that being fit can help us fight and prevent a range of illnesses and can easily increase the quality of our lives.

Any individual who is conscious about their health must set aside at least 3 hours for physical activity per week. This means that out of 168 hours in a week only 3 of them will be dedicated to nurturing your body. Most people spend more time than that on checking and updating their Facebook. Paying attention to a healthy and wholesome lifestyle can easily be an asset that can pay off many times over. A fun way of doing so while socialising and meeting new people is to take self-defence lessons such as Krav Maga. This will not only help you maintain a healthy lifestyle it will also give you a useful and important knowledge to defend yourself and might even save your life one day. This form of unarmed combat teaches students practical and realistic ways that are easy to learn on how to defend themselves in real life scenarios. The Israeli Defence Forces teach these methods to fresh recruits because these skills are useful in battle and in conflict situations. That said, civilians should also take out the time to learn Krav Maga because such training contributes to a healthy lifestyle, increases self-esteem, improves mental strength, regresses the aging process, and teaches lifesaving skills. People should put aside some free time to come and learn this martial art even if they are only interested in improving the mobility and flexibility of their body or even if they just want to lose weight and gained a toned body. The improvement of your skills and level of fitness will keep you motivated and make you want to keep on training. By doing physical activity on a regular basis you will maintain a ‘clear’ mind which will make you a happier and healthier person. In recent years, more and more doctors recommend physical activity and strengthening training for anyone with physical conditions, such as chronic back pain or Osteoporosis. In order to see results or to maintain a healthy body it’s important to keep on training regularly over a long period of time (rather than just over a short period of time). The difficult part will be mentally, to keep motivating yourself to stick to your fitness goals and actually getting out of the house in order to do so. The great thing with Krav Maga training is that not only you’re training in a group but you’re also making friends which motivates you to keep on training and not letting down the group by not showing up. The other great thing is that through the training you are improving your mental strength and gaining a stronger and more decisive mind which helps you to create goals in life and stick to them rather than giving up in the middle. We can train the mind to overcome bad excuses – such as a lack of time and remind yourself of the truth which is that time is a matter of priorities; you need to allocate some of your time to the development and improvement of our fitness. Every aspect of our lives, such as relationships and friendships, can be improved when we dedicate some time to fitness development. By training you will be happier with yourself and get a clean and clear mind which will help you improving your performance in the workplace, develop and sustain healthy eating habits, pursue a healthy lifestyle, lead productive lives, and find the time to pursue our preferred hobbies. Therefore, understanding the excuses we can give to ourselves and overcome them is the ultimate resource we can count on to motivate ourselves to go out and actually start a physical activity. We all have bad habits and bad mentalities, but the question is, what we do to change it? We can take control of our lifestyles and actively take up the many opportunities that come our way. A happy person tends to be a more productive individual and leading a happy life is something that we owe to ourselves. Krav Maga is a great way to stay fit. It’s a complete self-defence and fighting system developed in the IDF and brings the average person to an efficient level of self-defence in the shortest possible time in a fun and interesting way. Krav Maga uses practical self-defence techniques against weapons, holds, grabs, and teaches you how to deal with multiple attackers whether you standing up or on the ground. For further details visit or come in for a FREE trial lesson which might help you to make up your mind. If you have any query about Krav Maga training or instructor’s course in Australia, please fill in the contact form ( and our team will get back to you shortly.

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