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Martial Arts for Kids - Revivitalising Little Lives

Martial arts can be the perfect physical activity for kids, to keep them active all day long. This is a form of exercise that not only keeps them in good shape, but it also helps them in developing a positive attitude and teaching them discipline. Conducting martial arts classes in your school will let your students achieve better grades, perform better at sports and also behave well at home. Another added advantage is that, they will learn to stand up for themselves against bullies, negative influences as well as other peer pressure.
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Be a strong opponent not a feeble victim

It is a sad fact that many women feel unsafe walking down the streets of a rather safe city like Melbourne. Rates of domestic violence are also on the rise with many women feeling uneasy in their home and at work. Still, unfortunately, women are the main target of such sudden, unprovoked attacks.

We conduct specially designed Krav Maga classes in Melbourne for women. Our women’s self-defense course can give you the tools you need to protect yourself and the ones you love.
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Empower your security staff with real-life self defense techniques

Security is a career, which by the nature of the work can come with a high risk of injuries and assault. To prevent those injuries to staff members or to the public, there is a necessity for self-defence techniques to be used. Security staff should be able to protect themselves in order to protect others. Our security programs are organized in a professional manner, in order to help your security personnel to do their duties better without getting hurt and ultimately, get home safe. Encouraging security officers to join our Krav Maga courses prepares them to better handle physical confrontations. It also gives them a strong foundation, equipping them with the skills to terminate a physical confrontation even before it occurs.
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Raise the awareness

Fun and exciting programs that will unite your staff, increase motivation and  help them maintain a healthy life style!

Programs involve general fitness, cardiovascular fitness, strength and self defence skills.

These courses will individually boost confidence and self-esteem and increase team building skills, bringing your staff closer together, lifting morale and promoting a positive and productive work environment.

Training will be performed in a fun, professional and responsible manner.
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In addition to improving team work and making a happier workplace, these courses have further positive benefits improving fitness, coordination, flexibility and quality of life by reducing risk of heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure and stress levels.


Krav maga instructors course

Instructor courses are conducted one per year for those students who display the following attributes;

- A desire to enter the martial arts industry as an accredited instructor
- Focus, determination, discipline and leaderhip
- High levels of Krav Maga competency
- At least 4 years of training
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krav maga boot camp

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