Official Krav Maga Instructor Courses

Krav Maga Instructor course in Melbourne, Australia!

The OFFICIAL Krav Maga Instructor course in Melbourne, will be run by Tamir Carmi.

Tamir started training Krav Maga in Israel from the age of 6 under Grand Master Roy Faiga and
went on to teach Krav Maga in the Israeli army as well as for the International Security and Anti-
Terror Institute (ASATI). Tamir then became a Senior Krav Maga Instructor for the Wingate
Institute (the official home of Krav Maga in Israel) before moving to Melbourne where he
founded Krav Maga Australia and became the official Wingate Representative in Australia whilst
also becoming an MMA competitor in Melbourne.

Tamir has moved back to Israel and will be returning to Melbourne and to Krav Maga Australia to
run the upcoming Krav Maga Instructors Course.

The course will cover both practical Krav Maga techniques as well as instructing theory to
ensure graduating candidates are able to provide their students with a high level of training in a
professional, safe and progressive manner. The courses will cover the official Krav Maga
Syllabus of Wingate Institute and teaching methodologies.

At the end of the course students will be evaluated on their practical techniques as well as
instructing ability. Successful candidates will be issued with certificates directly following the
course. Non-successful candidates will be provided feedback and specific areas where they did
not achieve full success. These candidates will be provided time and support and will receive
their certificates once they have proven their competency in the necessary areas.

Instructor Course: 10 days (48 hours)- $2400 AUSD* – (Early Bird Price $1900 until 1st September 2019)
Prerequisites: Min. TWO years training in Krav Maga OR FIVE years in a previous Martial Art.
Ages 18+

* Includes a non-refundable registration fee of $400 AUSD
* Payment plans are available on request and will be assessed on a case by case basis.

In order to help facilitate candidates not requiring to take a full week off work the course hours
will be made up of full time training on Friday, Saturday and Sunday over 2 weekends. The
weekdays in-between training will be for 3 hours in the morning only.

Next course will start on Friday 20th September 2019 and will finish on Sunday 29th

For further information, registration and payment information, call Dave on 0451 100 339
or send an email to

Limited spots available.

You can reserve a spot now by registering and paying $400 registration fee online.

Tamir Carmi

Wingate Institute

For more information on the Wingate Institute, visit these links:

International School of Krav Maga

Wingate Institute has been a home for Krav Maga instruction for many years.

The first Krav Maga course was delivered in 1971 under the direct instruction of Imi himself.

Since then, Krav Maga did go through many changes and developed into various different styles.
Wingate Institute as Israel National Sport Institution has established a professional committee which has designed a unified dynamic syllabus, for Krav Maga instruction at all levels (as is customary in other martial arts).

It doesn’t matter to which group or style of Krav Maga one belongs, Wingate Institute offers a professional, legally accredited and up-to-date qualification.

Now, available for foreign students at Wingate Institute and in other locations around the globe.


“I was very impressed with Roy and Tamirs knowledge, the course content and instructions provided. Very good mix of Theory and Practical aspects (workload).
The training theory and practical exercises were mixed well to ensure lack of injuries and high level of focus by participants. Instruction was clear and precise.
Highly knowledgeable instructors were able to break down training into easy to follow segments.”

John Plunket – ISUZU Australia


“I felt the course was excellent. I gained the knowledge and skills to become a confident instructor in a supportive and encouraging environment. Tamir is a great person and a great instructor. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to become a Krav Maga Instructor”

Chad Dawson – Owner of Universal Balance

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