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Give your child a safe start with our Krav Maga classes for kids in Melbourne

With the growing violence on children, child abuse and school bullying, it is always a good idea to equip your kids with useful & practical self-defense skills and enroll your child in a practical martial art for kids. Your children can learn useful and practical self-defense techniques and have the tools to overcome sudden attacks or to handle a potential bullying in school.
At our school, we can help your child in achieving this, with our special Krav Maga classes for Kids in Melbourne. These classes are aimed at teaching useful techniques along with building confidence and self-esteem into your kids. Our Krav Maga classes are suitable for every age group and fitness level.
In Israel, kids are trained in Krav Maga from the tender age of 4. It is considered very important for the kids’ development and well-being. This is why we have introduced our special program for Kids Krav Maga in Melbourne.
Some of the major benefits of getting your child trained from a very early age are that they will learn useful techniques and skills as well as improve their co-ordination and agility skills, which will help them to develop into a healthier and stronger adult. Training from an early age also helps in improving flexibility, eye hand co-ordination, sharper reflexes, bone mass and density. It also helps kids to develop their mind and body, build self-discipline and personality and also increases self-esteem and confidence in themselves and in their abilities. It is important to give your children the confidence they require to handle any problem that can occur in life

Here is what you can gift your child by enrolling them into our Krav Maga for kids program:

At Krav Maga Melbourne, we know that every child is different and requires individual attention. We also know how important it is to ensure overall development of your child. Therefore, here are a few steps we follow to ensure that your child is learning some of the elite self-defense techniques in a safe and fun environment:
Every child gets personal attention at the Krav Maga training
Training offered by professional trainers who are extremely responsible and are Working with Children Check cardholders
We make sure that your child is safe and protected during training and put lot on the efforts into creating and maintaining a safe and fun environment
Our training sessions are suitable for all children regardless of any physical or fitness abilities; we always work on stimulating their abilities and senses so they never stop improving with every kid getting the attention he/she requires
All our trainers are certified trainers of the Wingate institute, the Israeli national institute of sport and martial arts
Our classes are supervised by our Head trainer, Tamir, who is an experienced ex-military practitioner. Tamir has studied Krav Maga in Israel and is a certified Senior Krav Maga instructor from the Israeli National Sport Institute of Wingate

How are we different from other studios?

Krav Maga Australia follows the Official guidelines of the Wingate institute and is the only representative of the institute in Melbourne. Here at our Krav Maga Melbourne center we give your children the ability to defend themselves against bullies and street violence, which are continuously increasing in our society especially over the internet.
In our training programs, right from an early age, we begin working to develop important abilities in your kids such as confidence, self-esteem and strengthen their body and mind so they can be strong and able to handle cyber bullying as well as physically threats. We also put a huge effort on improving all the fitness components of the body, which include flexibility, improvement of bone density as well as coordination and strength.
In addition to the physical aspect of our training, we also teach your children about self-control, discipline, achieving goals and other practical fighting skills that will stay with them and protect them throughout their life. In other martial art classes, the exercises are performed in the air, with hardly any practical use in the daily life. However, in our unique Krav Maga style, we train your kids from the first day to work on pads and to work with another partner so they improve their social skills as well as enjoy physically games. All our lessons are ran in a fun and friendly environment that involves games as well as serious training.


Our range of grading belts include white, purple, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown and black. Besides our focus on kids, we also run Krav Maga and self-defense classes for adults. We are here to help you. Our friendly staff would be happy to assist you. To know more about our classes, you can reach us on 0451-100-339 or drop a mail to us at You can also post your queries online. We will ensure that none of your concerns will go unaddressed.

Kids Class Uniforms

Please see the Timetable page for current kids class times.
Class Uniform:
Members have the option of purchasing a uniform for training, this is recommended but not compulsory. Costs are $25 for pants and $25 for T-Shirt.
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