Empower your staff with real life self-defence techniques

Security is a career, which by the nature of the work can be with a high risk of injuries and assault. To prevent those injuries to the staff members or to the public, there is a necessity for self-defence techniques to be used. Security staff should be able to protect themselves in order to protect others. Our security programs will be organized in a professional manner, in order to help your security personnel to do their duties better without getting hurt and reach home safe. Encouraging security officers to join our Krav Maga courses prepares them better to handle physical confrontations. Also, by giving a strong foundation of martial arts to your security officers, you will equip them with the skills to terminate a physical confrontation even before it occurs.

Although this field largely emphasises on self-defence techniques and physical fitness, most of the security agencies provide very limited fitness training and self-defence training to their staff if at all. However, untrained and unexperienced security guards can easily get injured at work or harm others as they are exposed to a lot of potential threats in their work. Our Krav Maga workshops will boost the self-confidence and overall health of the practitioner and give him better tools to handle his job in a better way, without getting injured or causing any damage to the other person who is a potential threat. In those courses your staff will learn how to defend and neutralise an attacker armed with a knife or a gun as well as controlling and neutralising unarmed attackers.

Keep your staff in shape

When it comes to security professionals, there is no alternative for staying fit. Security professionals need to exert themselves at times, such as emergency chase, sudden need for physically controlling the crowd and many other similar chaotic situations. Our Krav Maga or instructor courses for security groups offer incredible fitness training and useful self-defence techniques.

Equip your staff with skills to better handle violence

Making martial arts a part of the security training program will give your staff the tools to handle any type of violence quickly and efficiently. Not many people can actually value the important of endorsing practical martial arts. Practical martial arts skills are essential to handle any form of real-life violence. Krav Maga is excellent for this type of jobs as it is practical and simulates real life scenarios for successfully handling real-life violence. Furthermore, your security staff will learn controlled use of force as well as psychological handling of threats as a sudden attack can be overwhelming and may lead the staff member to enter into a shock and freeze.

Improve team work

There could be many scenarios in which your security personnel will need to work in groups in order to take control of the situation. This can be easily achieved by getting your staff trained in our Krav Maga programs as we will simulate those scenarios and teach them how to work as one unit. After completing our course, you will see great team work improvement in the way your staff operate to counteract and overcome aggressive attackers.

Customised training programs

We understand that every security agency has different requirements when it comes to defensive and persuasive skill sets. Therefore, at Krav Maga Australia, we offer tailor-made courses for different security companies as per their needs. Should you have any queries please feel free to contact us, we would be very happy to hear from you.