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Practical self-defense classes in Melbourne for Real-Life Scenarios

Krav Maga is a modern and practical style of martial art which is based on real life scenarios to prepare you for every possible threat. Continuously tested and developed time and again, this reality based martial art has become the best form of self-defense and combat fighting in the world. It is thought in the Israeli army and in many law enforcement and anti-terror units around the globe. Simulating real life scenarios and emphasizing on situational awareness and instant threat neutralization, our Krav Maga classes are here to empower you with the tools and knowledge you need in order to protect yourself and the ones you love.

From the first day you will learn useful and powerful instant counter attack techniques, and will be exposed to real life scenarios. Our Krav Maga training does not involve repetitive movements in the air like traditional martial arts; indeed all moves and training have a clear purpose: to give you the tools to overcome any threat. Our trainers will teach you practical counter attack moves along with releases from chokes and holds that might save your life in case of a sudden attack in the street or at home.

The best part of Krav Maga is that, it is a continuously evolving form of martial art, which has no rules or limitations. In our Krav Maga classes in Melbourne, you will learn not only to defend yourself, but also to defend others. We train simulating realistic situations with no rules and limitations just like in real life. We ensure that you are equipped with the best self-protection and self-defense techniques but also make sure that you enjoy the journey.

There are several ways in which you can benefit from our Krav Maga classes. Except the obvious important new skills you will learn, you will also improve your general fitness level, get stronger, healthier and more aware of your environment. You will improve your flexibility, your core strength, your coordination and reaction time as well as speed and agility.

We aimed to equip you with all the necessary self-defense techniques in the shortest time possible and we ensure that you develop self-protection skills in a step-by-step program. We offer professional and official Krav Maga instructor course as well as private lessons for groups or individuals.

Adult Classes Krav Maga Australia

Adult Classes Krav Maga Australia

Adult Class Information

Our grading belt system includes yellow, orange, green, blue, brown and black belts.

Please view our timetable to see our current class times.

Class Uniform

All our members have the option of purchasing a uniform for training, with the price of $25 per pant and $30 per shirt.

To know more about our classes or to arrange a private session with one of our experienced trainers, you can contact us at You can also call us at 0451-100-339 to finalize the time. We would be happy to hear from you. Furthermore, you can also post your queries online.


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